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The Best Underwater Fishing Cameras 2017

With such an abundance of gear and accessories available, it’s smooth to move overboard while gathering fishing gear. The underwater fishing camera, but, is one device you possibly won’t regret including for your arsenal. Simply reflect consideration on it this manner: What should probably assist a fisherman more than the capability to peer live footage of his aquatic targets?

MarCum VS485C LCD Underwater Viewing SystemAnysun 1/3 Inch SONY CCD Underwater Fishing Camera - 360 Degree View, Remote Control, 7 Inch LCD Monitor, 14x White LightsPortable Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Camera System Kit Video Recording Edition DVR 7Aqua-Vu AV715c Underwater Camera 7-Inch Color LCD Screen and 50-Feet Cableinnobay Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera 7Eyoyo Original 50M 1000TVL HD CAM Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Recorder DVR 7Vanxse Underwater Fish Camera System 7Aqua-Vu AV Micro II Underwater Camera

A Brief History Of Underwater Fishing Cameras

The earliest ancestor of today's underwater fishing camera dates back to 1845, when English inventor Francis Ronalds discovered he could progressively record images of the instruments at an observatory by slowly pulling a photosensitive surface past an opening in his camera.

Ronalds' technique was used to record variations in scientific instruments in observatories worldwide for more than a century.

The first film camera was invented by Wordsworth Donisthorpe in 1876. The English inventor is famous for his kinesigraph, which he used to record a moving picture of the traffic in London's Trafalgar Square in 1890. All but 10 frames of Donisthorpe's original recording have been lost.

In 1887, British camera pioneer William Friese-Green was among the first to experiment with celluloid film, which would remain the standard for more than a century to follow. While advanced for its time, Friese-Green's chronophotographic camera suffered from low frame rate and unreliability.

Scottish inventor William Kennedy Laurie Dickson made another leap in camera technology in 1891, when he designed the Kinetographic Camera. Powered by an electric motor, Dickson's camera featured a much faster frame rate than its predecessors. Dickson's design laid the foundation for modern cinematography.

The first underwater camera was invented by French scientist Louis Boutan and took 30 minutes to expose a single frame. The first underwater photo was made by Boutan in 1893. Similar to today's underwater fishing cameras, Boutan's camera featured a water-tight housing and a compressible air bladder.

The first successful hand-held film camera, called the Aeroscope, was released in 1911. Unlike other cameras, the Aeroscope did not require the operator to hand crank the film. This freed both hands for controlling focus and steadying the camera.

Prior to 1923, costly 35mm film stock was the standard for movie cameras. However, when Eastman Kodak released 16mm film stock, this lower-cost alternative sparked a new market fueled by amateur movie makers. While dismissed at release as inferior, the 16mm film remained in production until the late 2000s, when digital movie cameras rose to prominence.

Digital cameras capture images digitally, recording to memory cards and hard disks, rather than film. As the cost of digital components decreased, it increasingly became a bargain to shoot on digital rather than film.

Since 2010, digital movie cameras have dominated the motion picture industry, and today digital image quality meets and even exceeds that of a film in most use cases.

Today's underwater fishing cameras use digital technology to transmit images to a display in the boat. A waterproof housing protects the camera's internals, and many models feature filters and image processing to clarify underwater images.

Fishing Safety

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Using an underwater fishing camera can be a great deal of fun, but it is important to avoid being distracted by the display when navigating a boat.

It is also important to wear a life jacket. Even if the boat isn't yours, you should insist that every passenger wears a life jacket.

If you frequently fish the same body of water, do not become complacent. Waterfront terrain is prone to frequent — even daily — change. When an area is declared off limits by its owner or government officials, never fish there. While you may think you know the area, it was likely restricted for your safety.

The most important fishing safety steps may take place before your boat ever touches the water. Preparation, including charging cellular phones, and packing water, flashlights, and maps can save your life if something goes wrong.

Though not an obvious fishing safety consideration, it is also important to protect yourself from the sun by wearing waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 15, and a hat. This is true even when the sky is overcast, as harmful UV radiation can pass through cloud cover.

Humankind's Ancient Hobby

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Humans have been fishing for at least 40,000 years.

Analysis of the remains of a eastern Asian man who died between 39,000 and 42,000 years ago indicates a substantial part of his diet was freshwater fish, suggesting he regularly engaged in some kind of fishing practice.

At first, fish were pulled from the water by hand or harpooned. Then, between 4,000 and 8,000 years ago, Neolithic men developed fishing methods that are still in use today. For instance, Native Americans along the California coast deployed gorge hooks attached to line tackle.

The history of recreational fishing is difficult to trace, as the lines between recreation and survival blur in ancient history.

The earliest English essay on recreational fishing dates back to 1496, not long after the printing press was invented. Titled "Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle," the essay was widely read during the 16th century, particularly by noblemen.

After the English Civil War concluded in 1651, the British turned to fly fishing as a source of recreation. In the 18th century, thanks largely to the printing press, the techniques of earlier generations and cultures were shared worldwide.

With this growing interest came commercialization, and by 1800, rods and tackle were sold in stores throughout England. In the 19th century, fly-fishing clubs were formed, and a predecessor to the modern reel reached the market.

In 1810, the first American-made bait-casting reel was developed by Kentuckian George Snyder. Favored for their strength and weight, bamboo rods imported from South American and the West Indies were frequently paired with these reels.

As the century drew to a close, tackle also improved. Instead of horse hair, late-19th-century fishermen preferred silk lines.

After a lull in popularity, fishing again rose to prominence in the 1950s, with the development of affordable fiberglass rods, synthetic lines, and monofilament leaders. Baby boomers, who today have spare money and free time, have also greatly contributed to the sport's revival.

#8.Aqua-Vu AV Micro II Underwater Camera

Aqua-Vu's Micro Series re-imagines underwater cameras, offering amazing color and clarity in a pocket-size package. The new Aqua-Vu Micro II is an amazingly economical Underwater Viewing System featuring full-blown features at a fraction of the price. Playing live color underwater video on a 3.5-inch LCD, the Micro II includes 50 feet of camera cable wrapped on the integrated view screen.

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#7.Vanxse Underwater Fish Camera System 7" TFT LCD Sony CCD 1200tvl Hd Underwater Video Camera Fish Finder 360 Degree View, Remote Control fishing view camera (50Meters Cable)

- Portable 7 Inch TFT LCD monitor underwater fish camera System
- 50Meters(165FT) Underwater fishing Camera Sony CCD 1200TVL HD Video Camera 360 Degree View, OSD Menu Remote Control Fish Finder Camera
- 3.6mm wide angle and 8pcs White LEDs and 10pcs IR LEDs for good underwater fish view
- Connect to most camcorders with standard A/V plugs, TVs, VCRs, portable monitors and LCD screens with AV input.
- Ideal for monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, ocean/ice/lake fishing, underwater salvage, etc

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#6.Eyoyo Original 50M 1000TVL HD CAM Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Recorder DVR 7" Color Monitor Infrared IR LED lights With 4GB SD card

Bought this for my husband and he loves it. He hasn't stopped using it. He ices fishes with it in all different types of water from ponds to the great lakes. It takes awesome pictures and videos and he can record a whole video of day fishing on the memory card that came with it. Fish are not spooked by it.

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#5.innobay Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera 7" Color LCD Hd Monitor 1000tvl 30M Cable Length, Fun to See Fish Biting

This product you are watching is the latest popular, fashion and convenient Underwater Video Camera System. It not only has a large and color screen but also has a high definition camera with HD 1000 TV lines. What's more, there are 12 high-power white LED lights for camera light source, separated from camera to prevent the water spray coming into the camera.

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#4.Aqua-Vu AV715c Underwater Camera 7-Inch Color LCD Screen and 50-Feet Cable

Introducing the AV715c, the most affordable color underwater camera ever built! Like all 700-series Aqua-Vu cameras, the 715c features a 7-inch sunlight viewable LCD monitor with video out and an integrated sunshield / screen protector. The monitor is also IP67 rated for total waterproof performance. Color CMOS camera optics are housed in an anti-spooking fish camera and sport adjustable LED Lighting System. Comes with 50-feet of integrated cable, a 12-volt 7-amp rechargeable battery & charger and a Custom Storage Bag System, which fits into a 5-gallon bucket. Incredible performance. Awesome value that's the Aqua-Vu 715c.

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#3.Portable Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Camera System Kit Video Recording Edition DVR 7" Monitor LCD HD 1000TVL IP68 30m Cable 4500mAh Rechargeable Battery Night Version for Ice,Lake and Boat Fishing

This product you are watching now is the latest popular, fashional, good looking and convenient Underwater Video Camera System. It not only has a large and color monitor but also has a high definition camera which has the HD 1000TV lines camera. The monitoring depth of this Underwater Video Camera up to 30m to meet your need.
what's more, there are 12 PCs high-power white LED for camera light source, can see clearly in the dim condition.

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#2.Anysun 1/3 Inch SONY CCD Underwater Fishing Camera - 360 Degree View, Remote Control, 7 Inch LCD Monitor, 14x White Lights

The Anysun brand will offer an irreproachable quality! 1/3 Inch SONY CCD Underwater Fishing Camera is a great way to see what is happening below the waves as you stay on the dry land and evaluate what is going on below as it: has a 360 Degree View, Remote Control, 7 Inch LCD Monitor and 14 White Lights. Underwater Fishing Camera An ideal way to scout the river, lake or seas from dry land is with this underwater fishing camera.

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#1.MarCum VS485C LCD Underwater Viewing System, 7 Inch

View Underwater in vivid color on spacious LCD view screens. The Marcum underwater viewing system features a 7" widescreen Sony camera for the industry's best optics. The screen has a flat panel, hi-resolution 800x480 pixels switchable color and black and white LCD video out. Sony Super HAD II CCD the most powerful low light capable image sensor produces unmatched image quality and dark water LED lighting with a 50 ft. camera cable. Includes soft pack shuttle, sun shield, 12-volt 7-amp rechargeable battery, 3-stage battery charger, down-view/stabilizer fin and a 1-year warranty.

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